The Weakness of Power

The Analytics of Closed Elite Games and its Basic Concepts

The new book by well-known political scientist Sergey Kurginyan analyses the hidden motives of some major international conflicts, including the war in Iraq and the growing tensions involving Iran. The analysis of specific conflicts is wedded with discussing a number of theoretical issues such as the socio-cultural specific features of contemporary capitalism, the structure of con-temporary power elite, or the methods of contemporary global governance. The author’s theoret-ical approach enables him to take an unusual look at the drama of contemporary international developments. The political stories concerned are discussed in an unordinary perspective. Despite the non-transparent nature of developments in question, the author avoids using those cheap ways of their description known as ‘conspiracy theory’ or ‘moral demonization’ approaches. Sergey Kurginyan develops an original apparatus for analytical systems description and, at the same time, demonstrates the possibilities of employing it to discuss specific conflicts of the so-called ‘under-the-carpet; variety.

Чиcло страниц 392
Author Sergey Kurginyan
Year of publication 2007
Number of pages 392
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